The government of India confirms ban on PUBG mobile, PUBG Corp Reliance Jio talks continue

The government of India confirms ban on PUBG

Sports Violent Nature India A senior government official has confirmed but PUBG Mobile will not be banned anytime soon. Though the official ban cites the remaining different reasons.

Anonymous official Reuters told so Chinese publisher the Tencent Sports PUBG that the separate relationship will not change anytime soon. And that because the content of his violent but complaints remains because said those who spoke on the condition in anonymity.

“The violent nature of the game is the cause of many complaints of the all quarters”. The source told Reuters. “That doesn’t change the ownership.”

The Government of India Confirms Ban on PUBG decision:-

A PUBG Corp spokesperson also confirmed that the company is continuing to discuss with Indian telecom Reliance Jio, but that talks continue

“We had initial talks with the jio platform to try to co-operate. But not has been decided”. a PUBG spokes man told Reuters.

Speaking of the report this week, both the PUBG Corp and Reliance declined to comment on whether the Mumbai-based telecom company was ongoing.

PUBG Mobile and 117 other Chinese apps were banned from the iOS and Android mobile app stores on Sept 1. The ban came in the wake of the mobile legend 59 Chinese apps clashed behind a June 15 ban and Kings Clash. Charge mobile calls were not banned in India Tencent’s relationship was some game.

Chinese apps removed from iOS and Android app stores were all targeted to increase border tensions between India and China.

PUBG Mobile is one of the largest eSports in the country and is just one of a handful of eSports teams, players, tournament organizers, veterinarians, and on-the-go sponsors and game-bound partners with a strong environmental attribute.

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