How to Use WhatsApp Voice Message Preview

Looking for a way to preview WhatsApp voice messages before sending them? WhatsApp introduced a preview voice message feature this week that allows users to review their audio recordings before sharing them with others.

You can preview your voice message before sending it to a personal thread or group chat. Updates help you avoid sending voice messages that don’t make perfect sense or require an update with some correction. You can also play back your voice message before sending it to see if your audio is clear.

WhatsApp has launched voice message previews for Android and iOS as well as all users on the web or desktop.

In this article, we give you the steps you need to take to preview your WhatsApp voice messages before sending them to your contacts.

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How to use WhatsApp voice message preview

Before you start with the steps to use the voice message preview feature, make sure you have the WhatsApp version on your device.

  1. Open an individual or group chat on WhatsApp.
  2. Tap and hold the microphone button next to the text box of the message and then slide up to lock hands-free recording. On the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp, you don’t need to scroll up as both offer hands-free recording after clicking on the microphone.
  3. Now, start speaking your voice message.
  4. Tap the stop button to finish the recording.
  5. Press play button to listen to your recording. You can also navigate to a specific part of your recording by tapping on the Seek bar.

If your message is appropriate and ready for sharing, you can press the send button. Otherwise, tap Trash to delete your voice message and repeat the above steps to record again.

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